Business consulting, business advisors


Most Requested Services:

colored-blocks_01GENERAL BUSINESS

  • Organize office and work flow
  • Define office policy and procedure
  • Set up accounting/bookkeeping
  • Reduction of overhead
  • Sourcing suppliers and services


  • Develop/enrich website
  • Create promotional materials
  • Create sales letters
  • Formulate marketing strategies
  • Public relations/press releases
  • Email marketing/social marketing


  • Develop/enrich sales program
  • Implement and train sales force
  • Formulate targeted sales strategies
  • Recruit, Manage and Motivate sales force



  • Dedicated specialists to help repair and turn-around  your operations.
  • Corporate Restructuring and Turnaround Management.



Having an experienced business leader on your team at client meetings, negotiations, or as general counsel greatly increases your company's stature in the business world. Perception and competency is everything, and our as-needed CEO services are available to fortify your company's position in the marketplace.

think-tankTHINK TANK

Every business needs fresh ideas and innovations and FBA’s Think Tank puts creative minds to work for you to brainstorm with. Our two-hour session is designed to cultivate new ideas and procedures that can change the course of your business. Sessions can cover a broad area of your business or target to specific concerns.


  • Negotiating deals for our clients
  • Trade Show participation: planning /execution
  • Official company "wing man" - accompanying you to meetings, presentations, social events, sales events, etc.
  • ALL aspects of your business from when you turn the key in your front door till you close the door at night!