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Running a successful small business can be daunting. Whether you are just starting your enterprise or have been operating it for some time, at some point we all need help with the challenges we encounter. Finding a trustworthy advisor that understands your unique issues can both save and make money for your operation.

FBA is in the business of solutions. Most people think that using a business advisor is only for the Fortune 500 companies because they are not only expensive but many of their methods are overkill and inapplicable for the smaller business. FBA is geared only for the small and mid-sized business operation, a specialty that is overlooked by most advisors and consultants.

Your experience with FBA will have a beginning and an end.
This is important because there are many advisors and consultants who require long-term commitments and string clients along indefinitely to derive income. Our services are made available on an as-needed basis with no long term commitments. As business people ourselves we realize the need to identify costs, contain them and generate profits. Our services should not drain your resources but increase them.

FBA will work along with you, whether your business needs a total make-over or just specific tweaking. We implement real world, practical business solutions. There is no fluff, no PowerPoint presentations, just plans that make good economic sense. As small business operators we understand the importance of getting maximum gain for the minimum amount of time and expense. Our plans and  suggestions are relative to income and budget. Our experience focuses on reorganizing and re-framing areas of your business to optimize your profitability.

We are not a one-size-fits-all organization.We will only work with clients that we feel we can be useful for and improve their situations and resolve their issues. The work we do with our clients is directed, targeted and an affordable way to change your business and subsequently your life.

We invite you to contact us so that we can learn more about your business and your goals and see if FBA would be a good fit to work with you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how easy, effective and productive it will be to have FBA on your team!


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Having an experienced business leader on your team at client meetings, negotiations, or as general counsel greatly increases your company's stature in the business world. Perception and competency is everything, and our as-needed CEO services are available to fortify your company's position in the marketplace.

think tankTHINK TANK

Every business needs fresh ideas and innovations and FBA’s Think Tank puts creative minds to work for you to brainstorm with. Our two-hour session is designed to cultivate new ideas and procedures that can change the course of your business. Sessions can cover a broad area of your business or target to specific concerns.